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Our Read Write Spell Right interactive online dyslexia tutor training courses are all led by Principal Kimberly Downey. They’re specifically designed and structured for Barton-certified tutors who want to broaden their horizons, explore complementary modalities, and exchange ideas. 

Upcoming courses

Our next live course will take place in April 2024, with enrolment beginning in March. Make sure you don’t miss your spot by signing up below – we’ll keep you up to date with course details. We’re also always open to course topics so if you have any suggestions, let us know!

Course recordings

All of our courses are recorded and available to purchase after the course date. The recordings are split into bitesize modules and come with the course handout and interactive quizzes! All courses are one-time payments with lifetime access. You will also receive 10% off an annual membership to Tutor Community

RWSR tutor community

The Read Write Spell Right tutor community is a private forum, rooted primarily in the Barton tutoring experience, offering a neutral space to explore new ways to support dyslexia remediation with open and welcoming discussions. With a focus on high standards, respectful discussions, and easy navigation, members benefit from research updates and book discussions. Membership also comes with early access to future training courses, exclusive discounts and bonuses. All new members benefit from an initial seven-day free trial.