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Dyslexia and ChatGPT: Empowered tutoring

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Course overview

Empower your tutoring for dyslexic learners with ChatGPT and unlock a new dimension. Adapt, personalize, and innovate with the help of AI. Integrating ChatGPT into dyslexia tutoring offers personalized and interactive learning experiences, providing 24/7 assistance in a non-judgmental environment. The model’s ability to generate varied resources, offer immediate feedback, and continuously adapt supports learners in overcoming dyslexic challenges. While serving as a valuable supplemental tool, it is essential to incorporate ChatGPT within a comprehensive tutoring program that includes diverse strategies and human guidance.

This course took place on 4 November 2023 via Zoom and was presented by Kimberly Downey and Chris Downey.

Course details

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Introduction to ChatGPT for Dyslexia Tutors
– Brief overview of ChatGPT and its capabilities
– Relevance of AI in education, especially for dyslexic learners

Understanding Dyslexic Strengths and Weaknesses
– How to leverage ChatGPT to amplify strengths
– Strategies to mitigate challenges using ChatGPT
– Personalizing learning experiences for dyslexic students
– Interactive teaching methods using ChatGPT

Why customization matters and how to utilize ChatGPT
– Techniques to obtain accurate and relevant responses
– Importance of clarity and precision in prompting
– Deepening understanding through dialogue with the AI
– Extracting maximum value from ChatGPT interactions

Risks and Ethical Considerations of Using ChatGPT
– Potential pitfalls and how to avoid them
– Best practices for safe and responsible use
– Addressing any remaining queries
– Summarizing key takeaways and next steps

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100% Guaranteed!

IF you are an experienced dyslexia tutor who has taught through at least Barton Level 6 or the equivalent in another modality…

And IF you

  • Bring your questions to the course — and ask them!
  • Stay for the full session
  • Make full use of the course materials…
  • … and then implement what you’ve learned

you will

  • Be able to integrate ChatGPT into your tutoring practice with confidence
  • Understand how to use ChatGPT to reach your most challenging students
  • Have the tools to choose how, why, and when to customize your lessons while remaining true to the Barton structure
  • Understand how ChatGPT can minimize dyslexic weaknesses while empowering strengths
  • Know how how to use ChatGPT ethically and wisely


  • We’ll give you a 100% refund within 30 days of purchase
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After taking Kimberly Sclarksy Downey’s class on dyslexia tutoring and ChatGPT, I’m in love with having my own personal assistant! Today I had a student struggling on his Barton Book 3 Post Test, mixing up words ending with ‘nch’, ‘ck’, and ‘nk’. Normally it would take me some time to put together some extra practice words. Not today!

Rebekah Vincent

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Meet Kimberly


All our online tutor training courses are currently delivered by Read Write Spell Right Principal Kimberly Downey.

She creates educational webinars for other Barton tutors who — like her — are committed to updating their knowledge and sharing their own experience of working within this ever-evolving specialist dyslexia tutoring area.

Kimberly has achieved all possible Barton certifications and has since been exploring many other approaches to dyslexia remediation, including speech-to-print, structured word inquiry, and the role of ChatGPT.

Meet Chris


With 30 years in software development, Chris has pushed boundaries in the tech world, driven by his experience of dyslexia. He has leveraged AI in unique ways, mitigating dyslexic challenges and focusing on his strengths.

He’s integrated AI into software development, using ChatGPT as his coding partner and building AI-driven chatbots. Due to this, he is the AI expert in a large community of advanced marketers.

Discovering his dyslexia after Kimberly noted similarities in their son, Chris realized he had always been compensating as he never received the right instruction during his early years.

RWSR tutor community

The Read Write Spell Right tutor community is a private forum, rooted primarily in the Barton tutoring experience, offering a neutral space to explore new ways to support dyslexia remediation with open and welcoming discussions. With a focus on high standards, respectful discussions, and easy navigation, members benefit from research updates and book discussions. Membership also comes with early access to future training courses, exclusive discounts and bonuses. All new members benefit from an initial seven-day free trial.

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