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Tutor community

RWSR tutor community

With the Read Write Spell Right tutor community, we’re creating a unique private space for dyslexia tutors. The common thread for many of us is our Barton tutoring experience — but there’s more to it than that.

We can all agree that the principles developed by Orton and Gillingham continue to work for many of our students. However, all seasoned Barton tutors can also point to those who simply do not progress well with this method alone.

Add to that the fact that once you’ve achieved all three tutor certifications, there is nowhere else to go within the Barton training structure.

So here is a unique neutral space for those professionals among us committed to keeping an open mind, staying abreast of the research, and exploring new — often really new! — ways to support all our students. This non-partisan community’s key focus is on our professional development.

To get the best from this community, you’ll have tutored to Barton level 6 at a minimum, and ideally beyond, but you do not need to be Barton-certified. Dyslexia tutors with the same level of experience in other modalities are also very welcome. 

Open and honest discussions

While no topic is off-limits — provided it’s directly related to dyslexia remediation — the Read Write Spell Right forum is deliberately structured with a degree of formality to help us all maintain the highest standards.

Our discussions take place with respect and with the understanding that we all share an overarching willingness to listen and learn as part of our continuing professional development — and we agree upfront that no one program can ever work for every student.

So why not just have these conversations on social media?

Because that’s somebody else’s discussion taking place on somebody else’s platform and we can all relate to being politely asked to ‘stay on topic’ before commenting is turned off just when it’s getting interesting. Freedom from those constraints is only one excellent reason to join us in the Read Write Spell Right tutors’ forum. Here are a few more:

Join us!

As a forum member, you’ll also find out first about upcoming Read Write Spell Right tutor training courses and benefit from member-only discounts and bonuses!

To sum up what we aim to achieve within this community, it’s to provide a structured and systematic platform for you to develop your tutoring and linguistic knowledge using multiple modalities while still working primarily within the Barton Scope and Sequence.

Elevate your tutoring expertise and join us today!

If you have any questions please get in touch.

Forum membership

$12 / month

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the questions we get asked about the RWSR Tutor Community

Do I have to be Barton-certified to join?

No. To get the very best from the Read Write Spell Right tutor community, you’ll have tutored to Barton level 6, and ideally beyond — or to the same experience level in another dyslexia tutoring modality. But you do not need to be officially Barton-certified. 

What does community membership include?

As a member of the Read Write Spell Right tutor community, you’ll have full access to all our private discussion forums, including Q&A sessions. You’ll also get discounts on courses and be the first to know about anything in the pipeline. 

How do I cancel my community membership?

We’d be sorry to see you go, but here’s what you’d do if you wanted to cancel your subscription. Just go to your member dashboard, select Subscriptions, scroll to Community Membership, and follow the instructions. We do of course hope you’d change your mind!