Dyslexia tutoring and tutor training courses

Our #1 priority at Read Write Spell Right is to empower children, teens, and young adults diagnosed with dyslexia to move beyond the label and thrive. We do this by tutoring students 1-to-1 and by sharing our unique approach with fellow tutors through our online training courses. 

Changing how we experience dyslexia, one student at a time

I’m Kimberly Downey, Principal at Read Write Spell Right, and I became a dyslexia tutor because the local school system was letting my son down — badly. The only solution was to step in and give him the right support myself. We began our tutoring journey together in 2013 when he was a second-grader. Less than a year later, he was reading for pleasure, his spelling had improved significantly, and he has since achieved all his key educational milestones. 

Through Read Write Spell Write, I have now worked one-to-one with more than two dozen children, teens, and young adults using the Barton Reading & Spelling System. I am Barton-certified at the Masters Level. 

I’m always widening my horizons as a dyslexia tutor and also incorporate the Reading Simplified methodology into my approach, along with Foundation in Sounds for those students not yet quite ready for the Barton system. I incorporate Structured Word Inquiry to help students understand the logic behind English spelling, and many also benefit from the 
Handwriting Without Tears method. I used this to teach my son cursive — something the public schools no longer do. 

I am based in Annandale, VA.

Personalized 1-to-1 dyslexia tutoring

All our Read Write Spell Write dyslexia tutoring is delivered 1-to-1 by Principal Kimberly Downey through one-hour sessions. These are scheduled twice a week to maintain fidelity and ensure continued progress. Aspects of each session are customized so the student leaves with a real sense of accomplishment and mastery.  


In-person tutoring

Our philosophy at Read Write Spell Right is that, whenever possible, in-person dyslexia tutoring is best. This is particularly true for the youngest students. We have offered this option uninterrupted since 2013. 


Hybrid tutoring

Mixing in-person and remote dyslexia tutoring eases logistical challenges — especially during peak hour traffic. And it makes it easier to schedule two or more weekly sessions so the student can progress faster.


Virtual tutoring

At Read Write Spell Right, we have been delivering Barton Reading & Spelling sessions remotely since 2017, using dedicated software. This format works well for most students and our virtual service is available US-wide.

What our clients say about us

Parents and guardians of some of the many dyslexic students we’ve tutored at Read Write Spell Right share their experience of our unique Barton-led approach. 

From despair to the Honor Society! May 2023

I wanted to share the good news that G is invited to join the National Junior Honor Society. I remember her despair a few years ago saying she was stupid and didn't care about school. I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all of your guidance and patience with G as she's worked through the Barton system with you. She couldn't have overcome dyslexia and accomplished this without you.

Teachers notice results from early-stage tutoring March 2022

When E was still only at Barton Level 3 the effects from remediation were already noticed. E's teachers both noticed the strong progress she was making and they had seen the results of the tutoring in her classroom performance.

Teachers very impressed! August 2022

I know C. mentioned to you the meeting we had with our daughter's classroom and special education teachers. I wanted to share the specific comments from my notes that he made when he did an assessment on phonics and phonological awareness for background (not required by her IEP). He said that he sees she has had "very good instruction" in both of those areas and that he has "never seen a child who knows how to segment phonemes and read nonsense words as well as C.

What a difference! October 2021

Thank you for everything!!!! What a difference you and the Barton Program have made in K's life! We appreciate you!

He's now asking to read! January 2023

He has been reading out loud to us in the evenings the last few weeks and we can see SUCH an improvement in his accuracy, endurance, and confidence. For the first time, he is asking to continue rather than counting the seconds until we tell him he can stop. We are delighted with the progress he is making through your tutoring!

Our tutor training and community

Read Write Spell Right offers a unique program of webinar-based training courses for experienced dyslexia tutors. We also host a private online community where we can meet to exchange ideas and explore developments in our specialist field.

Online training courses

Our Read Write Spell Right dyslexia tutor training program is growing all the time. Join us online for an upcoming live webinar or get lifetime access to one of our earlier courses.

1-to-1 consultations

Would you appreciate some specific support on your dyslexia tutoring journey? Read Write Spell Right Principal Kimberly Downey offers 1-to-1 consultations — just schedule a call!

Tutor Community

We are creating our own private online community for experienced dyslexia tutors away from social media's confines. Its a space to exchange ideas and explore developments in our specialist field.

Explore courses

Explore our library of recorded courses and our upcoming live sessions. Discover a wealth of valuable content and opportunities for learning and growth in your tutoring journey.