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Advanced Structured Word Inquiry (SWI)

April 20th 2024

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One of the most frequent questions that tutors ask is why is a word spelled a certain way, especially when it does not fit neatly within the Barton framework.

This course will focus on advanced structured word inquiry concepts from Levels 6 -10 and is best suited for tutors who have taught those levels at least twice. We’d also recommend taking the Introduction to SWI ahead of this course.  

It will cover the following topics with numerous examples from these levels:

  • The ‘origin’ story for silent e.
  • A high-level overview of the Great Vowel Shift, why <i> is such a complicated vowel, and a new way to think about our long vowel sounds
  • A new understanding of ‘Borrowed Words’ that actually begins in Level 8.
  • The reason why <r> and <l> have been dubbed ‘rotten letters.’
  • A deeper dive into Latin roots (Levels 6 & 10), including palatalization and why you need to understand this so you can help your students. For example, is MIT really a ‘weirdo’?
  • Why Latin roots and Greek words shouldn’t be viewed as separate categories. 
  • What to do when syllable division is counterproductive and why letters don’t say anything.

As always, when we know more about words, we are better equipped to shed light on these complexities for our students. 

After the course has taken place you will find a quiz in your account to let you test your knowledge. 7-10 days after the course, the recording will be split into modules and uploaded into your account which you will have lifetime access to.

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