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Alternative schooling options

Thinking of making the big switch to homeschooling?

Taking a child out of public school is a daunting prospect, but it becomes much easier once you understand why keeping them there isn’t necessarily in their best interests.

Read Write Spell Right Principal Kimberly Downey began homeschooling her dyslexic son when it became clear his teachers did not have the training to recognise why he was struggling. He quickly began to thrive and now she draws on their positive experience to advise other families on the pros and cons of homeschooling. 

She also advises on other schooling alternatives to the public school system — just schedule a call to find out more. 

Why I pulled my dyslexic son out of public school

Read Write Spell Right Principal Kimberly Downey had an explanation for her son’s reading difficulties, it became clear that keeping him in public school was not in his best interests. Sadly, most non-neurotypical students are misunderstood by their teachers which makes seven hours in class an exercise in frustration. 

As she did not want him to have a negative association with learning, she homeschooled after second grade. Although initially a little overwhelmed, she kept her focus on the goal of strong reading, spelling, and writing skills using the Barton Reading & Spelling system, and soon her son was thriving. 
Here is her first-hand account of removing her son from the Fairfax County Public Schools system — and the reasons why…  

Dyslexia 101 for parents & guardians

This free mini-course will help you discover what’s most essential to help your struggling reader. As a parent or guardian, you need to know what works, what doesn’t work, and how to tell the difference.

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