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Our unique courses for dyslexia tutors

Are you an experienced dyslexia tutor? Do you want to expand your understanding and explore new ways of enhancing your students’ learning? Why, for example, does speech-to-print seem to work better for some than print-to-speech? And how can we accommodate this and other approaches, such as Structured Word Inquiry, within the Barton Reading & Spelling and other systems? Join us on one of our specialized online courses and let’s work together to broaden our horizons.

Next-level mutual learning

All our online tutor training courses are currently delivered by Read Write Spell Right Principal Kimberly Downey.

She creates educational webinars for other dyslexia tutors who — like her — are committed to updating their knowledge and sharing their own experience of working within this ever-evolving specialist tutoring area.

Kimberly has achieved all possible Barton certifications and has since been exploring many other approaches to dyslexia remediation, including speech-to-print, Structured Word Inquiry, and the role of ChatGPT.

The study of English orthography is complex and multi-faceted, and she believes that while social media offers valuable platforms for posing questions and seeking answers, a live, interactive, course always takes mutual learning to another level. 

Kimberly began running educational webinars in 2023 and continues to develop and grow this unique training program. 

Our tutor training and community

Read Write Spell Right offers a unique program of webinar-based training courses for experienced dyslexia tutors. We also host a private online community where we can meet to exchange ideas and explore developments in our specialist field.

Online training courses

Our Read Write Spell Right dyslexia tutor training program is growing all the time. Join us online for an upcoming live webinar or get lifetime access to one of our earlier courses.

1-to-1 consultations

Would you appreciate some specific support on your dyslexia tutoring journey? Read Write Spell Right Principal Kimberly Downey offers 1-to-1 consultations — just schedule a call!

Tutor community

We are creating our own private online community for experienced dyslexia tutors away from social media's confines. It's a space to exchange ideas and explore developments in our specialist field.

RWSR tutor community

The Read Write Spell Right Tutor Community is a private forum, rooted primarily in the Barton tutoring experience, offering a neutral space to explore new ways to support dyslexia remediation with open and welcoming discussions. With a focus on high standards, respectful discussions, and easy navigation, members can benefit from research updates and conversations around books. Membership also comes with early access to future training courses, exclusive discounts and bonuses. We offer an initial seven-day free trial for all members. 

Explore courses

Explore our library of recorded courses and our upcoming live sessions. Discover a wealth of valuable content and opportunities for learning and growth in your tutoring journey.