Setting up for remote tutoring

I purchased a Logitech h390 USB headset from Amazon and find that it works well.

Make sure that you have Google Chrome, since Whizzimo is built specifically for Chrome.

The next step will be to download the free video conferencing software. Please visit Zoom¬†and register (by filling out your email and clicking “Sign up, its free” button). Walk through the registration steps including the one where you start a test meeting. This step makes sure that the software is installed and working. If you have trouble setting it all up, I can have my software developer husband help you get it working before the first lesson. (He’s a real geek and loves this stuff… and he’s dyslexic, too.)

Finally, it’s also important that you have a fast Internet connection. Google provides an excellent speed test that gives you an informative, simple message at the end about your speed. If you find that your speed is slow, let me know and my husband can provide assistance with ideas to try for improvement.