Testimonials – draft

What a difference!

Thank you for everything!!!! What a difference you and the Barton Program have made in Kylie’s life! We appreciate you!

Karin Cronce

Teachers very impressed

Hi Kimberly,

I know Cassandra mentioned to you the meeting we had with Anna’s classroom and special education teachers. I wanted to share the specific comments from my notes that he made when he did an assessment on phonics and phonological awareness for background (not required by her IEP). He said that he sees Anna has had “very good instruction” in both of those areas and that he has “never seen a child who knows how to segment phonemes and read nonsense words as well as Anna.”


Hendrik Lammers

Teachers notice results from early-stage tutoring

(From mom to teachers): I’m really glad you both believe that Ezzy is making strong progress, and you’ve seen the results of the tutoring in her classroom performance.

(Background): She was just in Level 3 at that time and the effects from remediation were already noticed.