Meet Kimberly


All our online tutor training courses are currently delivered by Read Write Spell Right Principal Kimberly Downey.

She creates educational webinars for other Barton tutors who — like her — are committed to updating their knowledge and sharing their own experience of working within this ever-evolving specialist dyslexia tutoring area.

Kimberly has achieved all possible Barton certifications and has since been exploring many other approaches to dyslexia remediation, including speech-to-print, structured word inquiry, and the role of ChatGPT.

Meet Chris


With 30 years in software development, Chris has pushed boundaries in the tech world, driven by his experience of dyslexia. He has leveraged AI in unique ways, mitigating dyslexic challenges and focusing on his strengths.

He’s integrated AI into software development, using ChatGPT as his coding partner and building AI-driven chatbots. Due to this, he is the AI expert in a large community of advanced marketers.

Discovering his dyslexia after Kimberly noted similarities in their son, Chris realized he had always been compensating as he never received the right instruction during his early years.