Course overview and modules

1. Introduction to ChatGPT for Barton Tutors
– Brief overview of ChatGPT and its capabilities
– Relevance of AI in education, especially for dyslexic learners

2. Understanding Dyslexic Strengths and Weaknesses
– How to leverage ChatGPT to amplify strengths
– Strategies to mitigate challenges using ChatGPT

3. Customizing Lesson Plans with ChatGPT
– Personalizing learning experiences for dyslexic students
– Interactive teaching methods using ChatGPT

4. Writing Effective Prompts for ChatGPT
– Techniques to obtain accurate and relevant responses
– Importance of clarity and precision in prompting

5. Engaging in Meaningful Conversations with ChatGPT
– Deepening understanding through dialogue with the AI
– Extracting maximum value from ChatGPT interactions

6. Risks and Ethical Considerations of Using ChatGPT
– Potential pitfalls and how to avoid them
– Best practices for safe and responsible use

7. Q&A and Conclusion
– Addressing any remaining queries
– Summarizing key takeaways and next steps