100% Guaranteed!

IF you are an experienced dyslexia tutor who has taught through at least Barton Level 6 or the equivalent in another modality…

And IF you

  • Bring your questions to the course — and ask them!
  • Stay for the full session
  • Make full use of the course materials…
  • … and then implement what you’ve learned

you will

  • Be able to integrate ChatGPT into your tutoring practice with confidence
  • Understand how to use ChatGPT to reach your most challenging students
  • Have the tools to choose how, why, and when to customize your lessons while remaining true to the Barton structure
  • Understand how ChatGPT can minimize dyslexic weaknesses while empowering strengths
  • Know how how to use ChatGPT ethically and wisely


  • We’ll give you a 100% refund within 30 days of purchase